It was about 5 years ago that I became aware of Bitcoin as a free and unlimited way to make payments. At the time, Bitcoin’s value as a means of exchange seemed to be very much linked to the clandestine depths of the Internet. It was trading at below $10 for one Bitcoin, and didn’t look like much — but on that fateful day, the larger implications of the currency dawned on me.

I have always maintained a strong philosophical approach to life, and as such, I have resolved to do my little part to help direct mankind to a brighter future. I believe in change as the only way to progress, and progress as our ultimate salvation. Bitcoin is not just a currency, a commodity, an investment or a novelty, Bitcoin is a mindset. It’s the paradigm shift that is required to move us from the current monetary system which is built around debt and inflation to a new way of thinking about money and wealth.

In the old system the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and those in the middle stagnate as they say, but with bitcoin this no longer rings true, with Bitcoin, everybody gets richer the richer the rich get. Money that perpetually increases in value the more the economy grows is a revolutionary concept. And we are still in the early phases of Bitcoin growth. Of everything that I see around me in modern society nothings else has more potential to change the world for good than Bitcoin.

Writing the idiot’s guide to Bitcoin is my way of paying it forward to promote Bitcoin and helping as many people as possible gain access to the incredible wealth generation tool that Bitcoin is.

Wishing you wealth and prosperity,