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The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin provides you with an integral understanding of the digital currency known as Bitcoin which is revolutionizing the way we think about money.  It explains everything you need to know to get involved, from beginning to end.

Though this book is part of a larger movement towards economic freedom it focuses absolutely on making Bitcoin easy.  At first glance digital currency might seem like a small and exclusive movement on the internet that might not have uses beyond those of today’s laptop-investors and cyberpunks. The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin aims to demonstrate how important this change in the way we think about money is and most of all to show you how easy it is for you to get involved.

The book starts by discussing the main principles of Bitcoin as well as some of the more politico-economic implications of the revolution.  These are covered in depth but the book is designed in such a way that these chapters can easily be skipped in case you are more interested in getting to the nitty gritty of things right from the start.  There are some technical parts to understanding Bitcoin and the book covers these in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion.  There are ten chapters in all and every chapter covers a different aspect of Bitcoin in the most appropriate fashion.  Nothing is left out.

The implications of a Revolution, and Bitcoin IS a revolution, is often uncertain and shrouded in rumour and conjecture.  The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin deals with all the concerns surrounding Bitcoin on a factual basis and strives to inspire confidence in you by giving you a sound understanding of everything Bitcoin and provide you with resources that you can turn to when in doubt.

I wrote the Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin with you in mind.  I’ve tried to best support the Bitcoin movement by making it easy and accessible for everyone.  I want you to experience firsthand, as I have, the benefits of Bitcoin as a currency as well as a commodity.  I wanted to show you the freedom that Bitcoin offers and that the returns are nothing short of magnificent.  I wanted to be the one to introduce you to our future!  So I wrote the Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin.

What you read in these pages could set you free and give you confidence that the future of global economics is not dire.  Not to mention the financial gains that stand to be made as the relatively young economy grows and its value increases.  So I encourage you to grab this opportunity with both hands and join us in making the world a freer and wealthier place for everyone.

 Wishing you freedom and prosperity





 About the Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin


Almost two years ago I was made aware of Bitcoin as an anonymous way to make payments.  At the time Bitcoin’s value as a means of exchange seemed to be very much linked to the clandestine depths of the internet.  It’s was trading at below $10 for one and didn’t look like much, but on that fateful day the larger implications of Bitcoin dawned on me.

I have always maintained a strong philosophical approach to life and as such have resolved to stand for that one and only absolute right of man that is freedom.  I had been aware of the dictatorship-like form of the global financial situation for a long time.  Centralized banking is a curse on modern life, a poorly disguised form of good ol’ slavery, self-perpetuated by debt and everybody knows it, right.  Yet despite a pervasive awareness of its oppressive nature, we-the-people are still ruled by and subject to these powers.  It still surprises me how seldom this reality is taken seriously, and when it is, it is very easily dissolved, discredited or destroyed by those that guard and maintain the apexes of power.  So fighting the fight on the ground just isn’t, and will never be effective.  Not as long as they have us by the wallet.  It would be far more effective to just find and implement our own solution that works immediately and circumvents politics which as you know is far more self-serving than it is service-providing.  I realised in a moment that Bitcoin offers just such a solution.

Bitcoin threatens to make obsolete a system of power that is aggressively defended by those that wield its sceptre. However, my book, the Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin, was not written in defiance of the corrupt but rather in support of the free.  Bitcoin is a modern solution to an old problem.  If money is power then Bitcoin gives it back to the people.  Should Bitcoin ever become globally accepted as a mainstream way to safely and freely make payments then mankind will take a revolutionary step, a leap forward into the next chapter of civilization. We would expel the use of force from our economies and embrace free and volitional exchange, as trade was meant to be.  Something the founding fathers would be proud of.

I believe absolutely in the potential that concepts like Bitcoin and decentralized currency have to change the world as we know it, and I am not alone.  Every day the revolution grows. When I look at history and see the progress we’ve made from medieval to modern, I can’t help but feel that progress in the right direction is inevitable despite the best efforts of the corruption in man. Absolute freedom (mankind's equilibrium) pulls like gravity, it’s just a matter of time.  Bitcoin, if nothing else, is a step in the right direction.  The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin is a gesture in support of that movement.

With Love and Passion





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