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The Idiot's Guide to Bitcoin is always looking to find partners to help sell the book. The emerging bitcoin market is growing exponentially and will soon enough see what some refer to as "Hyper-Growth", the vertical part of an S-curve on a growth chart. The Idiot's Guide to Bitcoin can be useful to every new adopter so the potential for sale is excellent. What I was wondering was, perhaps you could sell a few a copies and I'll split the returns with you. Then you could buy some Bitcoins and become rich. So let's make a deal,

50% of every sale made from a referal. You in?

Once you join the affiliate program you will be supplied with all the words and graphics that you can use to sell my ebook. I will keep updating these and adding interesting content for you to use. If you're interested to join then hit the button below and let's do this!

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