By far the best place to buy Bitcoin and other cc are the cryptocurrency exchanges, simply because they offer the basic price. Buying Bitcoin from any other place or person inevitably means that you will have to pay some sort of a commission or fee to the retailer for the purchase but generally speaking it will be quicker than buying from cryptocurrency exchanges. So if you need to buy/sell Bitcoin as fast as possible then click here to find out more about buying bitcoin today.

If you’re looking for the best value for money then an exchange is the way to go. There are many good Bitcoin exchanges you can use. Things to think about when choosing the exchange that suits you best are: fee structure; security; whether they accept your local currency and your location.

Below are our top pick for exchanges:


US based

Coinbase is Sanfran based and has been around since 2012, gaining a reputation for user friendly service with a great support system. Buying from this platform is both easy and secure albeit a little lacking in functionality.

Uk Based is based in London, England. They have been in business since 2013 with good security and a fast verification time. Their fees are low, they have a large amount of active traders and you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card (for a fee of course). Great service, an excellent exchange option.


Europe Based

Bitstampis based in Europe and is extremely popular, having offered a great setvice since 2011. Their reputation is one of security, stability and versatility. Bitstamp offer one of the best fee structures out there which scales depending on volume. You can’t wrong with Bitstamp.