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The Idiot’s guide to Bitcoin.

At IG2B we love everything bitcoin! Especially the idea of Bitcoin for everyone. Bitcoin has come from the deepest heart of the internet in the interest of all. You might not have noticed at first but I’m sure you’re noticing now how incredible Bitcoin can be. It never ceases to amaze. The most beautiful part of it all is that no matter who you are or where you are, Bitcoin is one world and
mega growth is available to us all.

Below are some of the topics that are
currently dealt with in the book:

Bitcoin itself, the blockchain and the Bitcoin network
Wallets and addresses
Where to get your first coin
Where to trade them for other currencies
Spending Bitcoins
Profiting from Bitcoin
Earning Bitcoin
Trading Bitcoin


Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin is something we take pride in and are happy to know that we have already helped tons of people around the world buy their first Bitcoins and keep them safe.

Ok, now I get it.
The IG2Bitcoin helped me understand more than just Bitcoin. Now I have better insight into the world of banking and how our systems work and the potential freedom of Bitcoin and the future I could have with it.


Insightful, simple and conversational.

The Idiot's Guide to Bitcoin makes you feel less like an idiot the more you read.


Understanding the inner workings of currency and the financial markets is complicated enough.
You need a guide and this is a perfect place to start the journey forward with Bitcoin.


“The sooner you get some coin the less regret you’ll have in a year.”

Enjoy the book, I’ve poured lots of passion, colour and coin into it, but most of all, get Bitcoin today!

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